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Vancouver and WA side Pub Crawl

We did a pub crawl on the other side of the river. We manage to visit four different breweries. We started with 54-40 in Washougal. We next went to Doomsday Brewing Company. This one we had visited before but want to check on how they were coming along. They had expanded their food offerings and still had some nice brews on tap. Then heading into Vancouver where we first stopped off at Fortside Brewing Company and finished up with Trap Door Brewing. Best beer of the day was a port/bourbon barreled age IPA at Fortside. Best collection of beers was at Doomsday.

Big mistake on this crawl was trying to do photos with a phone. Next time I using my camera.

Vancouver BeerFest

Jeanette, Audrey, Mike and I ventured over to Vancouver on Sunday to a new beer festival for us. This one focused on Washington breweries that were close to Portland. It was held in Esther Short Park which is a great location for this event. The breweries brought some good beer to sample but nothing out standing. It did give us a chance to get acquainted with some Washington breweries we had not heard of before. The event was a little over priced ($30) which might be why there were very few people there. They also had almost no seating and that was not good. Overall it was a fun event to try but at that price I don’t plan on returning next year.

Vancouver Pub Crawl

Jeanette and I crossed the river yesterday to try the Brew Pubs of downtown Vancouver. We visited four different places and at each did a sample tray. First stop was Old Ivy that had a neighborhood pub feel and overall a very pleasant place – a place I am glad is not in my neighborhood as I would spend way to much time there. Next was Trusty Brewing. They had the best beer but acoustics were so bad we were quickly driven out of the place by the noise. A few blocks away was Loowit Brewing our next stop. They were doing the brewery being the tap thing. We agreed this was a place we did not need to return to. Last stop was Heathen Brewing where we sampled some beer and had some items off of there happy hour menu. The place is a restaurant style and another one we do not need to return to. So a fun afternoon exploring some new places but no reason to cross the river any time soon.