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10 Barrel Brewing

Jeanette and I finally had a chance to try 10 Barrel Brewing – spoiler alert – we are not fans. That fact we had to wait a hour to get a seat a lot of folks don’t agree with us. Most of the seating is what they call community seating so you can plan on sitting with strangers. They do have few tables that you don’t have to share and we manage to get one of those. They have 20 beers on tap that come with cute names but don’t really tell you what they are. There is somewhat more of a description in the beer menu but still leaves you guessing. They are happy to let you sample beers. They were heavy on Belgium beers and did off a sampler of beers they pick. We initially ask for three samples and the waitperson brought two samples and went ahead and just brought the other beer. Two samples were not good but fortunately the beer that was brought was good. We tried one more sample that was not good and decide we would both just go for the chocolate stout that was brought. In looking at the 20 beers they had we were lucky to find one.

So on to the food. The menu was limited and expensive but not totally out of line for the pearl. Having recently had hamburgers at some other pubs for $8.50 the $14 was up there. The fries were average and came with enough ketchup for about three fries. Jeanette tried a couple of appetizers that she was not thrilled about and were up there in price. Seeing other food coming out of kitchen they struck me as on the par with what we had.

For atmosphere it was nice they could open large garage doors to let the street noise in. Our table was fine for conversation and we were not crowd together as some of the other seating was. We caught the place a little before 4 pm and right at a shift change. So service was OK but I think the staff was busy with the crowd so they did not add anything to the experience.

I think if you live downtown this is the type of experience you are use to. I certainly have found better places. So I would put this place at the bottom level of the Portland Standard list and would only returned if forced to.

10 Barrel Brewing
1411 NW Flanders St.
Portland, OR 97205


A visit to Fat Head Brewery

We got out for a brewpub visit on an early Saturday evening. This time Jeanette and I check out Fat Head Brewery on the edge of the Pearl district. Fat Head opened in November and this is their first west coast location. They followed one of the standard formulas for Portland brewpub – find an old building in a good location, gut it and do a build-out with modern amenities while keeping some of the old buildingness. Fat Head added a nice mix of tables, booths and bar seating to make a comfortable environment to enjoy a beer and to socialize. On the beer side they offer a selection of their own brewed beers and an extensive guess list. Plus they put their own flare on standard pub food. We tried their quesadilla and a pepperoni pizza. Both were good but not the best we have had. We also checked out what others around use were having and it all looked good. We tried a couple of their brews with a porter, brown and very floral hoppie IPA. All were good but nothing I would hurry back to have again. So Fat Head is a nice place that I would go back to if I were in the neighborhood but not what it takes to make it exceptional for a Portland brewpub.