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Montavilla Brew Works

At the end of one of our urban hikes Jeanette and I stopped in at this fairly new brewery and taproom. Last summer I had run across the owners postings on the process he went through to open this brewery. It was very enlightening on what it takes to start an operation like this so I was very happy to see it in its final form. We started with a sampler try of six of their brews. It is a rare place that is heavy on dark beers so we loved that. We tried two stouts, two porters, a red and a bock. Jeanette loved the barreled age stout and porter. We both liked the red. It was very aromatic but tamed with some bitter. All were good except the bock (Belgium yeast taste). Normally we like bocks but in the this case I think they were using the wrong yeast for our taste.

The place did not have food but they were good with folks bring in food from the other restaurants in the area. We went across the street to Flying Pie Pizza and got a pizza to bring back. On returning we were ready for a pint to go with the pizza. Jeanette got the barreled age porter and I went with the red. So we were able to have a great pizza with some great beer in a location that was very comfortable to hang out in.

The place was quit when we arrive at two but by the time we left the second time it was starting to get busy. For a small neighborhood brewery and taproom it was very nice.