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Camas Pubs

After a walk in Lacamas Park Jeanette and I tried a couple of brew pubs in the area. The first was Mill City Brew Werks in downtown Camas. We had met the Owner at a wine and beer fest in Vancouver and he made the place sound good enough to check out. Over all the place was nicely done with a clean casual atmosphere. The service was very good. We had two different stouts to drink and they were OK. We each had hamburgers and agreed they were good. So a nice place I would go back to if I was in the area.

We then drove over to Washougal  to try a new little brewery. I just found out about this place so I did not know what we would find. This was Doomsday Brewery and was in a converted warehouse space. So low budget set up but a nice effort to make a fun tasting room. We went for a taster with four of their beers. Their chocolate stout and vanilla porter missed the mark but the Red and IPA we tried were excellent. So not much for food with hot dogs and slice of pizza. We were surprise they did not have some munchies you could order to help absorb the beer. So not a bad effort for a new start up brewery.