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Ground Breaker Brewery Gastropub

Picture of Ground Breaker Brewery Gastropub
Quit little corner on SE 7th and Lincoln

Diane and I met up Sunday evening to try Ground Breaker Brewery Gastropub on the edge of the Inner North East Industrial area. Ground Breaker beer and Gastropub are totally gluten free. The pub was very quite with very few folk there. They had three nice picnic tables on the sidewalk for outdoor seating but we choose to go inside to a table. They also have a couple of booths and a small bar area for seating. Our server was very attentive and nice. After looking over the beer menu we both went for the IPA ($5 pint). It was quit good and tasted like a regular IPA except this one is made from chestnuts. All of their food is gluten free. So the food is not the normal pub grub. They pursue a small plate with unique version of gluten free dishes at standard pub pricing. For me not a place I would rush back to for the food.

Picture of inside seating at Gastropub
Bar seating, tables and a couple of booths for seating

After we finished our IPA’s we each tried a sample of another one of their brews (tasters $.15). I tried a dark ale and Diane tried a pale and fuzzy ale. The dark ale was very flavorful with smoke, chocolate and berry over tones. I would not say that it really tasted like a dark beer but it was good. Diane was less thrilled about the pale ale. So overall I would say the Gastrohouse fills a unique place in Portland beer brewery world for those who need gluten free beverage and food. Or if you live in the neighborhood could be a quit local pub to hang out at.

Ground Breaker Brewery GASTROPUB
2030 SE 7th St.
Portland, OR

A visit to Fat Head Brewery

We got out for a brewpub visit on an early Saturday evening. This time Jeanette and I check out Fat Head Brewery on the edge of the Pearl district. Fat Head opened in November and this is their first west coast location. They followed one of the standard formulas for Portland brewpub – find an old building in a good location, gut it and do a build-out with modern amenities while keeping some of the old buildingness. Fat Head added a nice mix of tables, booths and bar seating to make a comfortable environment to enjoy a beer and to socialize. On the beer side they offer a selection of their own brewed beers and an extensive guess list. Plus they put their own flare on standard pub food. We tried their quesadilla and a pepperoni pizza. Both were good but not the best we have had. We also checked out what others around use were having and it all looked good. We tried a couple of their brews with a porter, brown and very floral hoppie IPA. All were good but nothing I would hurry back to have again. So Fat Head is a nice place that I would go back to if I were in the neighborhood but not what it takes to make it exceptional for a Portland brewpub.

Mississippi Ave. Pub-crawl

I got out for a pub-crawl with Jeanette. It has been a long while since we have had a chance to check out some places. This time we were in the Mississippi Ave. area. We started at a new pub called Ecliptic. Very good beer and a unique take on their hamburger but you did pay more for the quality. Afterwards we started walking up Mississippi Ave. we stopped by the old location of Amnesia Brewery to see how the conversion was going to a new pub. It did not look like they were making major changes and the sign said they would open in February. We continued up the avenue to Prost!. Folks had told me that I had miss judged this place. I guess I will never know as we found it small, crowded, noisy and no heaters on the patio. So we just walked through the place and kept on going. We made our way over to HUB’s Bikebar. It was busy but we got a seat right away. Compared to Ecliptic the prices were better and the food and beer was good but down a bit in quality. That wrapped up the evening for us old timers as we watched a younger crowd pour into the pubs, bars and eateries in the area.