Southeast Portland

These places are your average Portland pub or brewpub, which means they are all pretty good and are all places I would go back to if I were the SE Portland neighborhood. For me they just don’t have the little bit extra that puts them on my top list. There are a few of these places that are more so-so but because of location or because of repeat events I have been to several times made this list.

  • Montivilla Brew Works

    7805 SE Stark St. – – Last visited: 2/6/2016

    A new small brewery and taproom on the north east side of Mt. Tabor. We found a several beers we liked in a comfortable neighborhood atmosphere. No food but they are good with going across the street to Flying Pie Pizza and getting pizza to bring in and enjoy with their beer.

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  • Baerlic Brewing

    2235 SE 11TH AVE IN SE PORTLAND, OR – Last Visited: 8/1/2015

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  • Imperial Bottle Shop & Taproom

    3090 SE Division, Portland OR – – Last visited 8/1/21/2015

  • Caldera Public House

    6031 SE Stark St. – – Last visited: 5/3/2015

    A neighborhood pub. We found it had good food, interesting atmosphere and limited number of micro brews on tap. Limited seating inside and out. Can be very crowed so go on off hours.

  • Ground Breaker Brewery GASTROPUB

    2030 SE 7th St. (SE 7th & Lincoln St.) Portland, OR – – Visited 3/29/2015

    Picture of Ground Breaker Brewery Gastropub
    Quit little corner on SE 7th and Lincoln

    Ground Breaker Brewery Gastropub is located on the edge of the Inner North East Industrial area. Ground Breaker beer and Gastropub are totally gluten free. The pub was very quite when we visited  with very few folk there. They had three nice picnic tables on the sidewalk for outdoor seating but we choose to go inside to a table. They also have a couple of booths and a small bar area for seating. Our server was very attentive and nice. After looking over the beer menu we both went for the IPA ($5 pint).

    Picture of inside seating at Gastropub
    Bar seating, tables and a couple of booths for seating

    It was quit good and tasted like a regular IPA except this one is made from chestnuts. All of their food is gluten free. So the food is not the normal pub grub. They pursue a small plate with unique version of gluten free dishes at standard pub pricing. For me not a place I would rush back to for the food. After we finished our IPA’s we each tried a sample of another one of their brews (tasters $.15). I tried a dark ale and Diane tried a pale and fuzzy ale. The dark ale was very flavorful with smoke, chocolate and berry over tones. I would not say that it really tasted like a dark beer but it was good. Diane was less thrilled about the pale ale. So overall I would say the Gastrohouse fills a unique place in Portland beer brewery world for those who need gluten free beverage and food. Or if you live in the neighborhood could be a quit local pub to hang out at.

  • Gigantic Brewing

    5224 SE 26th Ave. –

    Jeanette and I got a chance to get over to try this place. The beer was nice but just some snack foods available. Nice outside seating area.

  • Sellwood Public House

    8132 SE 13th Ave. – – Visited: Feb. 28, 2013

    For me the biggest attraction to this place is that it has eight dartboards. It also has a pool table and a ping-pong table. This is a second story establishment in an older building. It has a front room with bar seating and table and chairs and the large game room in back where we often have social group meetups. The place is pretty run down and might be consider a dive bar in some respects. But they are happy to host our groups of 70 plus people and even with that crowd keep up pretty attentive service. Food it OK pub group and we often hit it a happy hour which makes the food and beer priced nice. They have a dozen rotating taps of microbrew beer and try to cover the range from light ales to stouts. I am glad I stand when I go to the bathroom, as I would not want to sit.

  • Hopworks Urban Brewing

    2944 SE Powell Blvd. – – Visited on 2/01/2013

    I first tried to get into this place a couple of years ago when it was the hottest new place in Portland. This time arriving just after happy hour the place was almost full but a nice couple who had just finished happy hour offer us their table so they do have friendly customers. Our servers were also very friendly and personable. This is a brewpub that has won several awards for there beer. They have about a dozen beers on tap and run a pretty good range. I was in a mood for hops and went for one of their hoppy beers that was OK and about average price. The tap list changes as new brews come out of the brewery and new recipes are tried. All we had for food was just fries that were OK. The regular menu had standard pub fair and pizza. Prices for food was little bit higher then you normally find around. It is hard tell if the place was an old warehouse that was completely modernized or a new warehouse. They have a bar area up front with a mix of stool tables, tables, bar seating and booths (plus vault room). The back has the restaurant with booth seating and some balcony seating. So for a new place they tried to have varied and fun options for seating. The bathrooms were clean and modern.

  • Base Camp Brewery

    930 SE Oak St. – – Visited on 12/28/2012

    BaseCampBrewTapsFullThis is a fairly new brewpub in Portland being open only two months at the time we visited it. We were there on a Friday even so at about peak hours. The place was just about at capacity, but we were able to find a seat at the bar, which turned out to be a good spot to see how the place operated. The space is a converted inner east side warehouse with the brewery on one side of the building and public house on the other. They have done a fairly nice job on the conversion except for being an old warehouse you have high open beam ceiling (nice effect) and concrete walls with no sound dampening which makes the place pretty load but not so load you could not carry on a conversation. In spite of how busy the place was the staff was attentive and very friendly. We tried a sampler of all of their beers on tap. There was not a bad beer in the bunch but some were more to our liking then others. I especially liked the stout, which was served with a flamed toasted marshmallow on the lip of the glass. The food is a bit different in that they are relying on two food carts that are located outside the front door. So you are getting the Portland food cart experience at the same time as getting the microbrew pub scene. We had a pepperoni pizza that was pretty good. We were able to order this from our server in the pub and it was brought to use so we did not have to go out the food cart to get it. Prices were in line for what you would expect for microbrew ($10 for 8 four ounce samples) and pizza ($10 for a 10 inch single topping pizza). So overall pretty good and I can see the place getting better as they refine their pub space and they have room for a couple of more food carts out front.

  • Hair of the Dog Brewery and Tasting Room

    61 SE Yamhill –

    Limit own brews, hoppy, some food

  • Lucky Lab

    Multiple Locations

    Hawthorne – 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

    The lab is the lab, So-So food and beer but lot of room for get together. The one on Quimby is the regular place we go after the Rambles. Different Meetup groups have meetings here. It is really all about having space to hold a group. Also being to just go up to the bar to get your beer and not having to be waited.

  • Cascade Brewing Barrel House

    939 SE Belmont –

    Sour beers, I just take people here to try sour beers

  • Lompoc

    Oak Bottom Pub – 1621 SE Bybee

    OK on Beer and food

  • All McMenamins

    This is the big boy in town. They have many locations, all different but all the same. On average I would say they are OK for food and beer with some being better then others. They have there standard sellection of beers that they try to stay consistant on but they give there various breweries a chance to try special seasonals.

  • Belmont Station

    4500 SE Stark St. –

    BelmontStationLarge bottle section, 18 special rotation taps that can have some very interesting beer and that is what makes the place, limit food to snack on. The big draw it is close to the MMC and their interesting sections they make on their rotating taps.

  • Hawthorne Hophouse

    4141 SE Hawthorne Blvd. –

    Tap room, 23 specialty beers on tap, some food