Northwest Portland

These places are your average Portland pub or brewpub, which means they are all pretty good and are all places I would go back to if I were the Northwest Portland neighborhood. For me they just don’t have the little bit extra that puts them on my top list. There are a few of these places that are more so-so but because of location or because of repeat events I have been to several times made this list.

    • 10 Barrel Brewing

      1411 NW Flanders St.,Portland, OR 97205 – – Last Visited: 8/1/2015

      For more info see 10 Barrel Review

    • Deschutes Brewery and Public House

      210 NW 11th Ave. – – Visited: Feb. 27, 2013

      Went for another visit to Deschutes in the Pearl. We caught them at happy hour this time. I had their sausage on a roll and the fries. They generally do a nice job with the food in that it is unique, tasty and priced reasonably. There is a nice selection of the Deschutes beers. These include their regulars like Black Butte Porter, some of their award winners and some seasonal rotation of special brews. As usual the waitress was attentive friendly and helpful. They even have a fun bathroom with a big old style urinal and futurist hand dryers. You would thinks with all of this going for it I would love the place but I just can’t get pass the large suburb restaurant feel to the place. This is not your cozy local pub. They have tried to do some interesting things with seating with a variety of stool high tables, regular tables, bench style tables, bar seating and bar section but the place is just big and very Pearl.

    • Lucky Lab

      Multiple Locations

      Quimby – 1945 NW Quimby St. – Last Visited: July 2015

      The lab is the lab, So-So food and beer but lot of room for get together. The one on Quimby is the regular place we go after the Rambles. Different Meetup groups have meetings here. It is really all about having space to hold a group. Also being to just go up to the bar to get your beer and not having to be waited.

    • All McMenamins

      This is the big boy in town. They have many locations, all different but all the same. On average I would say they are OK for food and beer with some being better then others. They have there standard selection of beers that they try to stay consistent on but they give there various breweries a chance to try special seasonals.