Mississippi Ave. Pub-crawl

I got out for a pub-crawl with Jeanette. It has been a long while since we have had a chance to check out some places. This time we were in the Mississippi Ave. area. We started at a new pub called Ecliptic. Very good beer and a unique take on their hamburger but you did pay more for the quality. Afterwards we started walking up Mississippi Ave. we stopped by the old location of Amnesia Brewery to see how the conversion was going to a new pub. It did not look like they were making major changes and the sign said they would open in February. We continued up the avenue to Prost!. Folks had told me that I had miss judged this place. I guess I will never know as we found it small, crowded, noisy and no heaters on the patio. So we just walked through the place and kept on going. We made our way over to HUB’s Bikebar. It was busy but we got a seat right away. Compared to Ecliptic the prices were better and the food and beer was good but down a bit in quality. That wrapped up the evening for us old timers as we watched a younger crowd pour into the pubs, bars and eateries in the area.