Holiday Ale Festival December 1, 2012

I was back down at the Winter Ale Festival Saturday with a friend on Saturday. We started around noon and after several tastings decide we need a break and we headed to the Rock Bottom Brewery for lunch. I had not been back to this pub in many years so it gave me a chance to take another look at it and see what I thought of it now. After lunch it was back to the Ale Festival. We had found the crowd had grown and lines in front of the beers were long. Several of the beers we wanted to try were out but we persevered and used up the rest of our tasting tickets. Over the two visits I had a chance to try many different types of beer, some with exotic spice and flavor but I can’t say there was a single beer I would want to try again or that I really wish was at a local pub so I could get a pint of it.