Craft Wine Fest Washington

Beer & Wine Fest Vancouver, Washington

Jeanette and I went over to Vancouver to try a different kind of Festival. The focus of this festival is craft wines but what we went for was the half dozen micro beer breweries located in the Southwest Washington. This is a very small festival compared to what we have normally gone to in the Portland area. They had about 25 beers to try so enough to do our twenty or so tasting we normally do. There were a number of interesting beers but none that made any of the breweries truly note worthy. We did find out about a couple of new brewpubs on the Washington side of the Columbia we will have to try some day. This event was held at Esther Short Park that was a lovely venue for this event. We went early in the day so it was very peaceful and uncrowded. We also got a chance to take in the nice Farmer’s Market held next door. So a nice outing but not the major beer experience found on the Oregon side.