Backwoods Brewery

I have tried two other times the couple of months to stop in at Backwoods Brewery but the place was just to busy. This time coming out late from a hike into Indian Heaven with Lori and Dinah we found the place with a couple of tables open. The décor was converted small new warehouse with picnic tables. Lori was on a special diet so only water for her. Dinah and I ask for and were gladly given a couple of samples each of beer. Dinah being more of a cider person decide to go with water after her samples. I found a Chocolate Coconut Porter that was very good and had a pint of that. It was a guess tap beer from a brewery down in Southern Oregon. So the brews Backwoods was doing are nothing to hurry back for.

Next came the food. They are heavy on pizza on the menu. They have some other items but pizza was their thing and a good verity of different pizza types. I went for one that was more traditional and heavy meat. It was a thin crust style. It was a good pizza for that style but does not make my top pizza list. Where I thought the place shined was with Lori and meeting her special diet need. They put together a salad for her with the few ingredients she could have and made it look classy. The place is overall good but proved to me that as far as customer service the place is top of the list.