A Saturday Afternoon Pub Crawl

Jeanette and I got out for a little pub-crawl. Our first stop was Baerlic Brewing. Jeanette had tried one of their brews and liked it so we knew it was a place we needed to check out. We were not disappointed. We arrived shortly after they opened and got a front row seat at the bar. The gentleman serving was excellent and enriched our experience. We did three sets of 4 oz. samples ($1.50 each) that gave us a real feel for their brews. We had some brews that were outstanding and none that were bad. Even though this place is a taproom they did have a few munchies that you could order, in our case mix nuts, I like that. Nice clean design to the place made it very comfortable to be there.

From Baerlic we headed over to Division Street to walk up to Imperial Bottle Shop and Taproom. On our way we checked out a place that I had seen an ad for calling themselves a pub. I have seen several places do this. It turned out be more of a dive tavern. It looks like the new marketing trend is to try and tap into the brewpub popularity by calling yourself a pub and offering 15 American pilsners on tap (Bud, Bud light, Coors, Coors light, etc.). We passed on the place and headed up Division St. marveling at how much it has changed.

We found the Imperial in a new building with a nice corner location. It was pretty much your beer bottle shop and with some brews on tap. Jeanette had me try an IPA she likes ($4 for a 12oz.) and we got a corner seat by a big window and did some people watching. The beer was not so good but the Imperial as a place to talk and do people watching was great. From here we walked up division a little further so I could get some photos of Lompoc Hedge House and then we return to my car.

Our next stop was to drive over to Culmination Brewing. It is tucked away in a small inner eastside industrial area next to I84. I found it a bit challenging to find but once there not a bad spot. From there the rest was downhill. The wait staff was pretty unfriendly and more interested in hitting on the ladies then tend to customers. We did get the server to reluctantly let us have a couple of samples of their beer, which were both bad. We decide to share a pint of guess tap stout and fond a seat. The server never even offered us a menu. The place was not busy and I could see way. Jeanette did a little smart phone web checking and found we could still make happy hour Portland Brewing and we headed out.

We finished the day a Portland Brewing that has become our go to place for happy hour and end of the day. The place has always been great for food and service. The beer is good and they have brought in a couple of new brewmisters to bring the place back to award winning. So it was a good finish to the crawl.