Brewpubs PDX

Pubs, Brewpubs and Taprooms of Portland, OR

A website about brewpubs in Portland, Oregon, what are you  thinking dude? OK, so I have been one who has always followed his passions and  at times not taken the most reasonable path (not the way to be a big  success in life). Yes, I know there are a bunch of sites about micro brew beer,  beer goddess, big consumer review sites and so on, but this is just my passion  about micro brew beer and more importantly the pubs, brewpubs and taprooms that serve them. Yes, this could be seen as  a passion that has run amuck but it is what it is. So this is a site where I am  trying to list, visit and rate every brewpub, taproom, tasting room and pub I can find in the  Portland area. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a micro brew  beer, some good pub food and more importantly a place with that nice cozy pub  atmosphere I hope you find some ideas here.